They say the biggest obstacle to success is getting over yourself. Maybe that's why struggling magician Frank and overworked marketing executive Abby find themselves stuck in life at the cusp of 30. Luckily, they each have their best friend to help them. Unluckily, those friends are their Neuroses.

A modern musical comedy with a psychiatric twist, Neurosis is a story about finding happiness, falling in love, and dealing with that little voice in your head along the way.



"Silly, sappy, smart, and classy - and terribly funny... You'll be astonished... Relentlessly clever... It's irresistible!" - Ithaca Times

"Polished beyond its years... An all-out melee of self-deprecation, misguided advice and nervous muttering. And it's really funny." - Auburn Citizen

"Achieves the success that standing-ovation crowds crave..." - Syracuse New Times

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